Sigurdur Olason, Managing Director of Marel's Fish Industry Center

Creating value for our customers

“At Marel, 2014 was characterized by our innovations for the fish industry, by new and ongoing partnerships and investments, and by positive trends in the industry as a whole. We have succeeded in creating value for our customers, and this success is the key to our own bright future in 2015 and beyond.”

Sigurdur Olason, Managing Director Marel’s Fish Industry Center

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Good year for salmon processors

The year was good for Marel’s fish segment. For the second consecutive year, Marel’s salmon activities returned healthy results and increased activity was also seen in whitefish projects throughout the year. The fish segment accounted for 16% of Marel’s revenue in 2014.

Marel performed well in the salmon industry in 2014, and it was a good year for salmon processors overall. The company entered a huge project with Bakkafrost, the largest salmon producer in the Faroe Islands, confirming Marel’s position as the leading global provider of advanced systems to the global salmon industry. 

The company’s move to the modern cross-industy manufacturing facility in Stovring will facilitate further growth and increase operational efficiency.

Marel was very active in whitefish projects throughout the year, making significant sales and developing important strategic partnerships with customers. The company is also seeing ongoing investments in the onboard sector worldwide, as customers take advantage of lower fuel prices and increased profitability to upgrade their vessels.

Key Innovations

Early in 2014, Marel introduced the FleXicut water-jet cutter with high-precision bone detection that removes pinbones in whitefish. The automation of the bone removal process is set to transform the whitefish industry as it reduces the need for skilled labor while greatly improving product handling and yields. This innovation highlights Marel’s contribution to adding value to processes throughout the value chain and marks an important cornerstone in the future development of whitefish processing, opening up yet unforeseen opportunities.

Throughout 2014, the MS 2730 Filleting Machine has proven itself as one of the most advanced salmon filleting machines on the market today. The Filleting Machine optimizes yield and has an impressive filleting performance at up to 25 fillets/minute. Its trimming functions make it unique and save on labor costs by reducing the need for manual trimming. 

More than 50 have been installed in nearly 20 countries around the globe since it was launched in 2012.

Marel’s Innova Software Solutions constantly deliver the tools that enable seafood processors to meet increasingly stringent rules and regulations regarding traceability, product recalls, and proof of origin, as well as content labeling. In 2014, Marel launched Innova Labeling software that meets the need for control and automation of the labeling process from receiving to dispatch. The labeling software enables seafood processors to comply with the new EU legislative requirements that came into force in Q4, affecting labels for all fishery and aquaculture products for EU consumers. The legislation includes changes to mandatory nutrition information on processed seafood, and mandatory labeling of catch area or country of production, to provide better information and protection for consumers.

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Prizes & Awards

The FleXicut water-jet cutter won the Innovation Prize at the Nor-Fishing exhibition in Norway. Marel also won the Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition awards for Overall Outstanding Supplier and Outstanding Icelandic Supplier – Processing.

Shaping the future of fish processing

From small, family-owned businesses to giant processing enterprises, Marel’s cutting-edge equipment and software solutions help fish processors operate at peak productivity, and the company’s products positively and directly enhance the overall quality and value of food.

Marel is driven by the constant challenges its customers face in delivering seafood products more efficiently, offering customers a greater variety, and always ensuring food safety.

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