Anton de Weerd, Managing Director of Marel's Poultry Industry Center

New partnerships and greater innovation

“In 2014, we successfully launched several innovative solutions. Visitors to the VIV Europe tradeshow were receptive to the new products, and positive about the ongoing upgrades of existing solutions, confirming our approach to continued innovation. Our slogan presented at VIV, ‘We love processing,’ captured the passion behind the market-focused innovation that is part of our DNA”.

Anton de Weerd, Managing Director of Marel’s Poultry Industry Center

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Operational profit margins and volumes in Marel’s poultry segment improved gradually throughout the year and closed the year at a good level. Poultry secured many medium and large projects around the world during the year and the order book is at a healthy level entering 2015. The poultry segment accounted for 53% of the company’s revenue in 2014.


Many innovative solutions were brought to the market during 2014. The new IRIS EV quality assessment system for the evisceration process is a good example of Marel’s market focused innovation. The quality grade of each product can now be determined before pre-chilling, giving processors more time for an optimum match between production and customer orders to maximize profit per product. Marel’s new solutions for stunning, CAS SmoothFlow and the Water Bath Stunner PureSine, have also been enthusiastically embraced by the market.

Another very well received solution is the company’s 8” shackle pitch concept for processing bigger birds of up to 4.5 kg. The main drivers behind this solution are higher yields, better efficiency and increased automation. The solution, launched in the U.S., is already a huge success. In the U.S. generally, Marel has experienced a good level of investment as a result of increased profitability of the poultry market.

Marel operates in a dynamic marketplace and with today’s challenges and developments the difference between Marel and its competitors is often in the detail. The new and improved MCheck 2 Checkweigher and the new SmartLine grader, for example, have been completely updated with a heavier emphasis on hygiene. Both efficiency and product quality benefit from the updates, particularly when combined with Marel’s successful Innova control software.

Combining the right individual equipment into smart solutions is clearly one of Marel’s strengths, for example with the in-line fixed weight batching solutions with RoboBatcher Flex, or the SensorX with SmartSort. In a highly competitive market, these solutions reduce giveaway and improve product flow, resulting in higher efficiency. There are great opportunities for these smart solutions, especially in markets like Europe, where there is a strong focus on cutting costs and making processes more efficient, often leading to an increased level of automation.


2014 has seen an increasing number of companies opt for Marel poultry processing solutions, with many new customers from different parts of the world. Additional equipment was also supplied to existing and new customers in China, Indonesia, the Middle East and Central and West Africa. In India, a breakthrough greenfield project was realized, feeding the new trend of higher capacities and higher automation levels in evisceration, cut-up and deboning.

Exciting new greenfield projects were commissioned around the globe, with production capacities ranging from 1,000 to 13,500 birds per hour per line. Each project combines the best and most suitable innovative new technologies for the production of a wide variety of top-quality broiler, turkey and duck products, produced with ever-growing levels of automation. Local market requirements are entwined into profitable processing solutions; the company’s strong local presence and good developed service network pays off.

Demand for Marel’s customers’ product is increasing and production cost is decreasing due to a drop in energy and feed prices. Upscaling and more automation are important themes. In Asia, food safety, automation, process control and traceability are increasingly important issues.

International food service companies and a young urban population boost the demand for the final product.

In several parts of Africa, the growing young urban population is influencing demand. Marel supports markets with several greenfield projects. Expectations for poultry meat as a healthy, affordable source of protein are very positive. Marel’s processing knowledge and experience, dedication and drive, good service and local presence are highly appreciated.

”We love processing”

Marel participated in the VIV Europe 2014 show with the theme “We love Processing.” The company expressed its passion for the industry, and drive to innovate constantly. The innovative solutions Marel showcased there were well received; the division won two innovation awards, for the Stork SmartWeigher Grading and Distribution Line, and as the most innovative company overall. 

Marel’s innovative character was also highlighted when Marel Stork was named winner of the sector ‘food industry’ at the Dutch National Business Success awards and one of the 10 finalists for the overall award.

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